About the project

"Golden Mines" is an exciting online economic game with the possibility of withdrawing real money. In this game you will become the owner and manager of a mining enterprise, where you have to hire and manage five dwarves to collect and process ore.

Your first task is to find and hire gnomes, each with unique skills and abilities. Each gnome has its own characteristics. Choose your gnomes wisely to optimize your mining process.

After hiring gnomes, they begin mining ore by going deep into the mountains. Dwarves will work continuously, collecting ore and bringing it to your mine. The more dwarves you hire and develop, the more ore they can collect.

After collecting the ore, you will have to process it. For each successful ore processing, you will receive gold coins within the game. Gold coins can be used to improve your dwarves, expand your mine, buy new equipment, or purchase other resources needed for further development.

A special feature of "Golden Mines" is the ability to exchange gold coins for real money. When you reach a certain amount of gold coins, you can withdraw them from the game and get real money to your bank account or e-wallet.

The game also offers various contests and tournaments in which you can compete against other players and win valuable prizes. This creates an additional incentive to develop and improve your mining enterprise.

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